How to ask questions to determine a candidates Integrity & Honesty!! Determining the honesty and integrity of a candidate is very tough. Especially if done over the phone. Below are some ideas and questions you can ask that will help you to determine a candidates honesty and integrity â– Describe a time when you spoke […]

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  What is lisology? Lisology is one half of an exciting and innovative interviewing methodology called Looklisology, that can work on phone screens, as well as in person interviews. Lisology is the art of not just hearing what is said but listening to what it said, how it is said, the words used, the way […]

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The Art of Resume Sourcing!!

The Art of Resume Sourcing!! I would like to focus on the art of searching for resumes on the Internet. Spending time sourcing for candidates on the Internet is just as important as posting a great job. Sourcing is probably more valuable than posting because it is proactive and gives the Recruiter control over who […]

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